What we do

Our business, is to keep your business safe by providing a range of Electrical services including inspection and testing, compliance, and maintenance services. With a network of trusted partners built over the past 20 years we can also offer Facilities management services to our clients.

Why we do it

At FCS we have a passion for keeping people safe and promoting good standards throughout the province. We do it because we enjoy helping you. Connecting with people, sharing our experience and knowledge is something we find rewarding. We believe there is space in today’s market for a customer focused company, driven by meaningful values our customers can respect, admire and trust. We are here for our clients in any way we can be.

Who we do it for

The aim is to provide our services to business owners, factories, landlords, property companies, store owners and anyone else who needs our help. We are a strong, reliable and trustworthy company who help businesses get on top of their compliance and maintenance schedules.


With our vast experience in commercial and industrial electrical installation, we are pleased to offer this service along with any ongoing electrical maintenance our clients require.


This can be a cost effective way to reduce costs of energy consumption by cutting down maintenance required. Mainly in industrial premises where motors or production lines are in use, the quality of your electrical supply can be to the detriment of your on-site equipment.
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