NETS (Non-invasive Electrical Testing Solution)

Use our new NETS Service to ‘catch’ all your latent electrical issues.

We would like to introduce you to FCS Services’ latest offering, the safety NETS service.

NETS is an acronym for Non-Invasive Electrical Testing Solutions. The role of this service is to compliment standard and recognised electrical inspection and testing practices such as Fixed wire testing and PAT testing. This method satisfies the requirement of BS:6423 and NFP70E

So why would anyone need this service? The answer, approx. 35% of EICR’s carried out in production and manufacturing facilities are not tested due to operational limitations (Generally downtime cannot be given at the agreed time of test). This 35% of the installation is usually made up of process critical equipment which can only switched off at set periods throughout the year and in some cases never.

Why NETS? Well the service does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s uses non-invasive test methods including,

  • Thermography
  • Ultrasound
  • Power analysis
  • Sensory inspection
  • Energised electrical testing

This service unlike normal electrical testing and inspection can be carried out with NO downtime, and can provide a documented asset history for critical equipment over a period of time thus alerting the client to any potential fault scenario BEFORE it happens. This allows maintenance to be scheduled for the first available slot to ensure no loss of production.

How does NETS work? The testing methods referred too can all be used currently in their own right, what FCS have done is combine them in a fashion that can give an added level of security for a facilities manager that critical assets are being managed. We have also created a bespoke facility for NETS asset management using the Workpal workflow software. Each circuit receiving the NETS service will be documented on the cloud based program, given an individual asset number, and an asset history will be logged after each test (Yearly test recommended).

After preliminary site evaluation with the facilities department FCS will have a list of asset’s which require the service, be that machinery, critical IT equipment, Labs etc. Discussion will be had as to the optimum time/date for each asset to be evaluated (Generally whilst equipment is under normal working load).

Engineers will then perform a series of tests listed:

  • Power analyser
    This will record the working current of equipment under normal load to gauge if the over current protection device is still adequate. Over time this also gives a view of degradation within current using equipment if values are seen to be increasing.
  • Sensory inspection
    The engineer will use sight, touch, hearing and smell to evaluate all accessible parts of the circuit in question.
  • Thermography
    Thermal images will be taken of the circuit/equipment to record working temperatures and ensure they are within normal limits. Again these will be stored on the cloud and will be accessible to the engineers at each visit so a picture over time can be given. This feature may be able to spot overheating due to overload, or loose connections before they cause a problem.
  • Ultrasound
    Ultrasonic testing is used to detect arching, tracking and corona emissions which may lead to a potentially dangerous arc flash disturbance.
  • Energised testing
    Without disruption to services energised electrical testing can be carried out to record the earth fault loop impedances of the circuit. This will be verified against permitted maximum values from BS:7671:2018

In summary FCS’s Non-Invasive Electrical Testing Solution is a safety net for your business. By inspecting and recording data we can build a picture of critical assets over a period of time which will allow for better predictive and planned maintenance routines to be implemented as well as assisting with FMEA SPD’s. By no means is this a replacement for Electrical fixed wire testing, rather this net is to catch the problems others cannot see.


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